Three Months of Progress

I’ve started business coaching for a local gym and wanted to share some of our accomplishments since I joined in late November.

    Set up autopay schedules, reducing one hour of manual effort per month
    Determined realistic membership capacity by introducing daily sign in and attendance tracking
    Set up recurring weekly huddle to ensure accountability and progress being made on major strategic initiatives
    Created Intro Offer which has returned 32 new clients and converted 12 (38%) of those clients into members over first month of offer.
    Built customer feedback survey to start gathering data around satisfaction and how we can retain clients better (need to know baseline retention to track outcome of this)
    Determined target membership goal which would allow owner to step away from the training side of the business entirely and still breakeven.
    Consulted with owner to find and carve out 1 hour of heads down focus time on business related activity outside of the technical aspects (programming, training, sales, etc)

In the works…

  • PnL analysis – are we making a profit? How much is going towards payroll? At one point will we have enough to hire a third trainer?
  • Equipment overhaul – how much of a loan is needed to recondition all existing equipment and add

Great progress so far and much more to come. I plan to share more about this experience including deep dives into how we accomplished some of the above in later posts.

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